Cloudzian’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) training course was created by industry experts to help you master the GCP. You will learn cloud computing concepts, a range of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) core infrastructure services, and how to manage GCP services such as storage, compute, database, networking, identity and access management, and security services through real-world projects.

Google Cloud Certification Training in Chennai

CLOUDZIAN’s Google Cloud Certification Training in Chennai instils the necessary skill sets for a skilled Google Cloud Professional. Google Cloud Platform Certification confirms a candidate’s knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform and related applications. The completion of a real-world project at the end of the GCP course certifies the candidate’s abilities to work as a Google Cloud Professional. Adding this GCP Certification to your resume boosts your chances of getting a job interview and opens new professional doors.

Course Highlights

This course will introduce you to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services accessible in categories such as computing, storage, and networking, and demonstrate how to develop virtual machines and web apps using the Google Cloud Console and gcloud command-line tool.Organizations can utilise Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to build, host, and deploy apps. GCP operates in Google data centres, so you can leverage Google’s worldwide network and experience serving applications to billions of consumers.

  • Describe some of the GCP services that are available in different categories.
  • Make use of the Google Cloud Console.
  • Make use of the gcloud command-line interface.
  • An overview of Google Cloud’s foundations
  • Google Cloud solution management and provisioning
  • Putting the Google Cloud architecture into action
  • A variety of GCP products and services
  • Data analysis through the use of GCP queries
  • Creating and implementing Google Cloud solutions
  • Using the app, CLI, and console to manage GCP services
  • GCP Machine Learning Services

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

There are no pre-requisites for GCP. However, a basic understanding of computer science technicalities and Basic knowledge PHP, Python and .Net will be helpful but is not mandatory. Don’t worry, we will cover fundamentals in detail in our course.

Audience for this course

IT professionals , Software testers , System administrators , Solution architects , Security engineers , Application developers ,Integration specialists , windows Administrators, Java Developers, Data analysts and database administrators, Database Administrator, System architects, IT managers, IT administrators and operators, IT systems engineers, data engineers and database administrators, data analytics administrators, cloud, web engineers, Project Managers, Software Architects, ETL and Data Warehousing Professionals, Data Engineers, Data Analysts & Business Intelligence Professionals, DBAs and DB professionals, Senior IT Professionals, Testing professionals, Mainframe professionals, Graduates looking to build a career in IT Field and Aspirants looking to work as GCP professional can apply for this course.


  • Overview and fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform
  • Describing The Google Global infrastructure
  • Products for storage, compute, networking, Machine Learning, and more
  • Introduction to Google Cloud services
  • Managing Google services using command-line tools, app, and console
  • Installing and configuring SDK
  • Deploying Cloud Shell for GCP environment management
  • Google Cloud SDK Installation 
  • Understand gcloud, gsutil, and other Command-Line Tools
  • Deploying Gsutil
  • Installation of splunk
  • Usage of splunk and features
  • Architecture and Licensing options
  • Machine data and challenges
  • Overview of Authentication Technique and Data ageing
  • Admin roles and responsibilities
  • Managing Google Cloud Platform with Console  and command Line
  • Google Cloud SDK Installation
  • Understand gcloud, gsutil, and other Command-Line Tools
  • Managing the .conf files
  • Learn various data onboarding:
  • Understanding Google computing services
  • Creating and managing virtual machines in Google Cloud
  • Launching VMs on-demand using Google Compute Engine
  • Choosing the right computing solutions based on the workload like memory or CPU
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Basic search commands and Reporting commands
  • SubnetworkChart,Dedup,Stats
  • Cloud Routerand Try creating reports
  • Security aspects and Load Balancing
  • Important common actions with Compute Engine
  • Overview of Identity and access Management
  • Describing service accounts, Policy, Roles and members
  • The creation of custom roles
  • IAM APIsand Data security
  • Try to Deploy an App with other cluster
  • Different security and identity and access management (IAM) services
  • Various roles in IAM
  • Creating and managing Google resources permissions
  • Sharing resources and isolation
  • Deploying penetration testing, auditing, and security controls
  • Various storage services offered with Google Cloud
  • Choosing the right storage options
  • The process of storing and retrieving data
  • Rich content management
  • Hosting a website
  • Integrating on-premises with the cloud storage
  • Nearline and Coldline storage
  • Tradeoff of storage options
  • Cloud Datastore and Managing cloud storage using Gsutil
  • Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner
  • Integration with multi-cloud environment
  • Automate the Infrastructure, Scripts, Google cloud API
  • How to use Google stack driver
  • Deploying Google Cloud for developing applications and for debugging and monitoring purposes
  • Choosing the right data storage for application data
  • API Management and Cloud source
  • App Engine , Functions and special APIs
  • Implementing and configuring Cloud Launcher and Deployment Manager
  • Application deployment using Cloud Engine
  • Overview of Google networking
  • Setting up the Google network
  • Connecting various Google Cloud Platform resources
  • Isolation using firewalls and network policies
  • Creating and managing of Virtual Private Network
  • Working with cloud routers and interconnecting networks
  • Overview of containers and their benefits
  • Usage of kubernetes engine
  • Learn to choose Containers on compute engine
  • Dataflow service and Data transformation with cloud data flow
  • Using Stack driver for Monitoring
  • Learn to create clusterand Automation jobs
  • Make a setup on CI/CD and Setting up Jenkins on container engine
  • Try to Create and deploy on cluster
  • Understanding how to migrate to Google Cloud
  • Different critical metrics and analytics
  • Choosing the right options as per the specific needs
  • Choosing an automation framework for resource provisioning
  • Complete migration to GCP
  • Managing a Hybrid model Cloud
  • How to manage scalability

Real Time Projects on GCP  which are diverse in nature covering various data sets from multiple domains such as banking, Healthcare, telecommunication, social media, insurance, and e-commerce

  • Project Statement
  • Dataset
  • Architectural Diagram and Solution
  • Task segregation
  • Project Demo Session
  • Code and snippets
  • Documentation


Week days batch

  • Class Room Training @ Anna nagar& OMR
  • Online Instructor LED Training for Other Locations
  • Online Video Recorderd Training sessions for Other Locations

Week end batch

  • Class Room Training @ Anna nagar& OMR
  • Online Instructor LED Training for Other Locations
  • Online Video Recorderd Training sessions Other Locations

Fast track Batch

  • Class Room Training @ Anna nagar& OMR
  • Online Instructor LED Training for Other Locations
  • Online Video Recorderd Training sessions for Other Locations

Mode of Training

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Instructor-Led Live Training
  • Online Video Recorded Sessions Training


CLOUDZIAN’s Google Cloud Platform training in Chennai is led by experts with over a decade of experience in the Cloud Computing platform. Additionally, our GCP Trainers at CLOUDZIAN assist and guide you through Google Cloud’s global certification examinations – Associate level certification, Professional level certification, and User level certification.

    • Administrated and mastered by highly skilled industry experts with 15+ years of strong IT experience in leading MNC companies as Cloud Architect and Senior Technical consultant.
    • 5+ Years of Hands-on expertise in GCP Platform
    • Our Trainers are certified professionals with 7+ years of experience in their respective domain as well as they are currently working with Top MNCs.
    • 7 + years of delivering exceptional service to candidates in Cloud Training and placements.
    • Completed 100+ classroom and 100+ Online batches successfully
    • Our instructors are industry experts and subject specialists who have mastered the art of running applications and giving students with the Best Google Cloud training.
    • We have earned various significant awards from renowned IT firms for our Google Cloud Training in Chennai.
    • Trained and Placed over 3000+ professionals in Cloud in a single year.
    • Experience professional and Placement oriented instructional technical trainers.
    • Proven ability to plan and execute programs on time.
    • Knowledge of “current best practices” and the latest research in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning
    • Our Trainers have worked on a variety of on-going projects in their respective industries.
    • Trainers also assist candidates in being placed in their particular companies through the Employee Referral / Internal Hiring procedure.

Key Features

  • 100% Placement guarantee
  • Career Oriented Training
  • Hands-on with Case Studies
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Fast track placement mode
  • Managed and mastered by highly skilled Industry Experts
  • Both Classroom Training and Online Training
  • Complete Career Guidance
  • Mock Tests and Interviews
  • Resume Preparation and Interview preparation support
  • Multiple revision classes through cloudzian training library
  • Placement in Top MNC Company
  • Online Professional Certification assistance
  • Technical Job Support after course completion and Placement
  • Hands-On Google Cloud Training with Certification
  • Job Assistance | Access to Google official content aligned to exam
  • Managed and mastered by highly skilled Industry Experts
  • Support 24/7 * 365 days